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Acura Service Maintenance


Acura vehicles are some of the best on the planet, backed by decades of world-class engineering and packed with many luxury accouterments. You want to take care of your Acura as much as possible to get the most out of your investment.

That’s why we highly recommend keeping up with your new Acura routine maintenance schedule, giving you the optimal performance luxury vehicle on Madison and Jackson roads. Whenever it’s ready for maintenance, bring your Acura to the certified technicians at your local Ridgeland service center.

What Is the Acura Routine Maintenance Schedule?

From high-tech manufacturing and modern engineering to different driving styles and various climate and weather conditions, some maintenance needs could vary from vehicle to vehicle. Check your owner’s manual to see what Acura maintenance schedule is recommended for your model and year.

For the general Acura routine maintenance schedule, we recommend these time frames for keeping your SUV in fantastic shape. These are for new Acura models as you drive around Brandon. Your Maintenance Minders schedule will keep you up to date with your service schedule.

Every Six Months or 7,500 Miles

We will look at the following parts or perform the following maintenance:

  • Change the oil
  • Rotate tires
  • Check the battery condition
  • Look at all fluid levels
  • Check the condition of belts, hoses, brakes, and other key systems

Every 12 Months or 15,000 Miles

We will look at the following parts or perform the following maintenance:

  • Change the oil
  • Rotate tires
  • Check the battery condition
  • Check the condition of belts, hoses, brakes, filters, and other key systems
  • Look over air conditioning refrigerant
  • Check drive shafts
  • Examine the air filter and cabin air filters

Every 24 Months or 30,000 miles

In addition to everything we’ve already mentioned, at this point, our team will look more closely at the:

  • Transmission fluid for possible replacement, which generally occurs from 30,000 to 60,000 miles.
  • Tires for possible replacement because tires last between 25,000 to 50,000 miles.
  • Brake fluid replacement to make sure the brakes work properly.
  • Brake pads, because they last anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 miles
  • Coolant for possible replacement every 24 to 36 months to keep the radiator in top condition.

Every 36 Months or 45,000 miles

We’ll continue to inspect everything we already mentioned while also suggesting a battery replacement to make sure you don’t get stranded on a chilly winter day.

What About Acura Maintenance Codes?

The most important Acura maintenance code is code A, which means it’s time to change the oil if you have an older Acura vehicle. Newer models will tell you the maintenance you require on the driver information screen. Your oil life monitor system will tell you when to change the oil.

If the main code appears next to the odometer, it could mean:

  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Inspect brakes
  • Check steering components
  • Inspect suspension components
  • Check driveshaft boots
  • Check fluid levels
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect brake hoses or lines

A maintenance subcode may mean one of six things with the corresponding numbers.

  1. Rotate tires
  2. Replace the air filter, inspect the drive belt
  3. Replace transmission fluid
  4. Replace spark plugs or timing belt, inspect water pump and valve clearance
  5. Replace engine coolant
  6. Replace rear differential fluid (if your vehicle is equipped with this

Acura Maintenance at Home

We highly recommend seeing our service team every six months to maintain your Acura maintenance schedule. However, there are some quick checks you can do at home to make sure your Acura is running smoothly in Jackson.

Every week:

  • Clean the interior and exterior
  • Make sure all the interior and exterior lights work
  • Check tire pressure and tread wear
  • Make sure windshield wiper fluid is filled

Every month:

  • Check the oil level
  • Check the coolant
  • Look over the transmission fluid

Find Acura Service in Ridgeland

Do you have more questions about your Acura maintenance schedule? Contact us or call (844) 362-6839. Also, check over our service specials to see how much money you could save when you bring your SUV into our service center!


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