How to Set Up Acura HomeLink®

December 22nd, 2021 by

Acura HomeLink

Each Acura model on the road today is loaded with exciting features that our drivers love. Some of those features, such as HomeLink, may require you to walk through special setup steps to use them properly. While setting up HomeLink for your Acura is relatively easy to do, some of the steps are time-sensitive. What does it take to set up your HomeLink system?

You will need to park your car in the driveway so that the three HomeLink buttons are visible. These may be mounted on the driver’s visor, the overhead console, or the rearview mirror. Hold your garage door opener’s remote control in one hand, and access the HomeLink buttons with the other hand. Ensure that the remote control is only an inch or two away from the car’s HomeLink buttons. Push the corresponding buttons on the remote control and the HomeLink console at the same time. Hold both buttons down steadily until the HomeLink’s light remains on. This indicates that the HomeLink system has learned the remote control’s frequency. You can now use the HomeLink buttons to open and close the garage door. To do so, push the button twice while the car is located close to the garage door.

If the HomeLink’s light continues blinking, you will need to get out of the car. Using a ladder, locate the Learn or Smart button on the overhead unit in the garage. Push this button, then quickly return to the vehicle. You will have 30 seconds to push the car’s HomeLink button three times. This should program the system so that the HomeLink button and the garage door’s remote control button sync.

Do you still have questions about how to use the HomeLink system or about other Acura features? Contact our team at Acura of Jackson today for assistance.